Getting The Best Management Positions in Top Companies

Applying for a top management position in a company is an intimidating thing

It can be hard to get appointed as an outsider unless you time your application just right, and happen to have the background for which the company is looking.

Often, companies fill management positions with internal leadership staff. However, if a company is growing or is looking to pivot then they often hire recruiters to do an executive search to look for someone who has experience in a position and field related to the company"s direction.



Doing an honest self-assessment is necessary to keep you grounded and give you a clear understanding of the value and limits of your skill set and personality. When you are writing your resume or highlighting your best attributes, you should avoid mundane phrases such as "self-starter" or "team player." Rather than stating those things, show them. If you are a self-starter, illustrate that by listing projects you took upon yourself to add value to your previous position or other, other facets of your life. The same goes for being a team player. What types of things have you done to collaborate with others and what was the result of that collaboration?

Get Your Network To Speak For Itself

LinkedIn is an incredible tool for job hunters and headhunters alike. Think of your LinkedIn profile as a searchable, explorable version of your resume that can be used to probe into your background deeply. Get testimonials from people who have worked with you, and make sure you have as many high-quality connections as you can on LinkedIn. Some people use LinkedIn as a social platform and are open networkers - this can backfire if you want to prove that you have a quality network. However, if you make LinkedIn connections with everyone who you have had a good experience with at work, and get those people to rate you as having specific skills, then this can help you to become more appealing to recruiters and head hunters.

Stay in touch with people in your industry, and listen for openings for higher-profile positions. Frequently, those positions are discretely advertised, so having some knowledge "on the inside" can help you to put in for a job that a lot of people might overlook. Find out what the company is looking for regarding skills and qualities for the position, and tailor your CV. It is OK to have one CV for all jobs when you were applying for entry-level jobs, but that will not work when you are trying to land a top leadership position.

Recruiter Relationships

It is also worth seeking out and talking to a recruiter. It is essential to develop a healthy working relationship with your selected recruiter, so they know how to act in your best interests. They have a robust pipeline and network for finding jobs. They can help to make sure that the company is a good fit for you and that you share the same mission, and that your goals line up with the position.

At the Recruiterie we do a 360 point-of-view analysis of each candidate with face-to-face interviews to qualify each potential hire before they interview with the hiring company. We take into consideration culture, goals, and other essential components to make sure all parties are the right fit for each other.

Graphic of a recruiter searching their executive network


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