What Outside Recruiters Can Do For Your Company

There are instances when firms and companies will outsource recruitment services to recruit for some hard-to-fill positions, especially positions in professional, technical, and upper management occupations. Small companies without a human resource department also rely on external recruiters.

To work successfully with a job recruiter, it is imperative that you identify a reputable recruitment agency that is capable of meeting your company’s task force demands. Once you find the right firm, develop a functional working partnership where all the involved parties are aware of each other’s needs and work hard to provide them.

How To Select An Outside Recruiter

Man-deciding-how-to-work-with-a-recruiterWhile a majority of companies want to nurture relationships with many external recruiting agencies on whom they can rely for various searches, there is a strong argument in favor of listing a specific position with a particular recruiter. Listing one job with many recruiters increases the chances of all recruiters contacting a similar candidate pool, which could give the impression that the company is desperately looking for someone to fill the vacancy.

When selecting a recruiter, companies should take into account national and local agencies. Your choice could depend on the nature of positions that must be filled and the predicted magnitude of the search. Some of the aspects that go into selecting a recruiting agency include:
  • Performing intensive research on the agency’s reputation

  • Establishing whether the recruiter shall be available during your company’s recruitment window

  • Requesting and going through different client references

Besides being in a position to form a formidable working relationship with the company seeking employees, the recruiter of your choice should also be able to fill vacant positions in an efficient and timely manner

What Should You Provide To The Recruiter?

When it comes to external recruitment, the recruiting agency relies on the information provided by the client or company in need of employees to find the right candidate to fill the vacant position. Therefore, the more information the recruiter has, the higher the chances of them efficiently and effectively finding an interest and qualified candidate for the job. Some of the information that the client should provide to the external recruiting agency includes:
  1. The job description - This is usually a brief description of the position to be filled and the functions the selected candidate is expected to perform.

  2. A sample candidate profile - The company looking for employees will provide the recruitment agency with a sample profile of the candidate for which they are needing.

  3. The salary range - It is advisable that you define a salary range for the position. Know where your upper limit is and the general, existing market range of that position.

  4. Types of experience, licenses, certifications, and skill sets that the client is looking for in the right candidate.

  5. Details about the department the candidate will work in, the organization"s culture, as well as the benefits the employee will get.

  6. A directive on whether the headhunter should refer all the candidates found through a human resource department or work with a hiring manager directly.

  7. Details concerning the number of qualified candidates the company is willing to consider at a go. For instance, some companies will only accept a maximum of two candidates whereas others will require close to six candidates so that they can compare multiple sets of experience, skills, and qualifications before settling on the ideal candidate.

  8. All the stages of the interview process and the means by which successful candidates will be notified.

While the search continues, the client must always keep the recruiter in the loop concerning every candidate’s progress throughout the interview process and give feedback on all candidates. This helps a recruiter narrow down on the right candidates and will keep the pool of candidates engaged at all times.

Benefits of Hiring Through Recruitment Agencies

Knowledge of the market: Some of the best recruitment agencies will have every detail of their specific markets and can provide the hiring company with insight into the market. A recruiter should be aware of the available talent, the salary rates for particular positions, career expectations, the available skill-sets, and the hiring complexities.

Reach More of the Best Candidates

Not all candidates are easy to find since some could be selective and others passive. Those already in a position somewhere else are not likely to respond to job advertisements you place, potential hires may not have considered themselves for a career in your particular industry, or they may just be too busy to search for job openings actively. Having a relationship with a reputable recruiter can help you gain access to this pool of candidates.

Help Boost Your Company’s Brand

Big corporations invest a lot of money and time in marketing and developing their employer brand, but small businesses lack similar resources. If you select a recruitment agency wisely, they will probably give potential employees the right insight into your business, the career openings and benefits, what it is like to work there - a feel of the culture. This candidate education can go a long way toward developing your company talent pool.

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