Things To Consider When Selecting A Recruiter

More often than not, hiring a recruiter to find potential candidates for job positions in your company is far more beneficial than attempting placement on your own. Not only do they have access to a wider pool of job seekers but they will also assist with the screening and interview process to find the best candidate for the position.

However, you will need to work closely with the recruiter for them to understand the exact qualities for which you are looking for in an employee and to avoid wasting your time and money. Consider the following important factors when selecting the ideal recruiter or recruitment agency.



Recruiters offer different types of services. Selection should be made according to your requirements as well as recruiting budget. At a minimum, a recruiter will search for potential candidates who fulfill the job criteria and provide you with CVs and a list that you can contact.

You may also opt to have the recruiter check references and conduct the initial interviews to narrow down the list. Also, a recruitment specialist may offer a placement service which will handle an employee contract and any other legal hiring requirements. If you are hiring for an executive level position, consider selecting a recruitment agent who specializes in headhunting for this particular type of candidate.

The Recruitment Process

It is important to understand the recruitment process that a specific recruiter uses to locate and place potential employees. Where do they locate their potential candidates? How and where will the position be listed or advertised? What factors are used to determine whether a potential candidate meets the specifications for the position? Do they run background checks on all their potential candidates?

Will any tests be conducted to assess telephone manner, presentation abilities or other skill sets? Who will conduct the initial interviews and what questions will be asked? How long will the process take? These are all important questions regarding the process.

Temporary, Part-time Or Permanent Positions

It is important to stipulate whether you are looking for a temporary, part-time or permanent employee and find out how this will affect the process, costs, and placement. You should also find out whether a temporary employee may be hired until a permanent and suitable candidate for the job can be placed.


What happens when the recruiter is unable to find a suitable or satisfactory candidate to placed in a position? While this is quite a rare occurrence, it does happen. It is essential to state what steps the recruiter will take when they are unable to find the right candidate.


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